W E L C O M E   T O  T H E  H O M E  O F  T H E  M A C H I N E


ASSIGNMENT stands for Music without boundaries, as our musical influences are spread over the whole Rock & Metal genre. From Death Metal to Progressive Rock but having always the focus on the melodies and arrangements…


The Band is releasing their 5th studio album  “REFLECTIONS” which introduces the new member Michael Kolar on Drums. Release Date is the 21.08.2020 through Massacre Records- For more details on the upcoming release please check the news section.


The new record was mixed and mastered by Pascal Thüring during October to December 2019 in the Soundlounge Studios Osnabrück, Germany. The fantastic artwork was done by Didier Scohier who was already responsible for the iconic and epic “Inside Of The Machine” artwork back in 2013.
Our last record, “Closing The Circle” released in summer 2016 through Massacre Records was received amazingly by both, the fans and the press. The record introduced our new vocalist Diego Valdez and Heiko Spaarmann on bass guitar.