Assignment reveal Tracklist for “Reflections”

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“Finally, Finally, Finally!!!

Folks, what can we say… The production period had several unpleasent situations that required actions. But mostly, the actions, due to its nature were not to be solved from one day to another.

But here we are, one step before finalizing. While the Band is currently looking for a studio for the final mix & master, we have received the official tracklost for “Reflections”


1. Trilogia Balkanica (03:41)
2. Mercyful Angel (04:42)
3. Obsession (06:01)
4. The Corporate Men (05:56)
5. Reflections (05:02)
6. Unknown Hero (07:19)
7. Submission (05:35)
8. Timeline (05:30)
9. Silent Nation (08:19)
10. Endlessly (06:38)

GERT SPRICK – Keyboards

Featuring additional female vocals by MARIA LEDI JOSE POT and additional lead guitars by MARCO AHRENS

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Marco Ahrens with Guest Appearance on “Reflections”

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Dear Machine fans,

MARCO AHRENS, the lead guitarist of Poverty┬┤s No Crime and Level Fields will have a Guest appearance on our upcoming record “REFLECTIONS”!

He contributed two amazingly shredded lead guitars for the songs “Mercyful Angel” and “Silent Nation”. Thanks for the great support BROTHER!

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MIchael Kolar joins Assignment!

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Dear folks,

Assignment are proud to announce that Michael Kolar (Horseman, ex-Almanac) has taken over the Drums!

During the production of the upcoming record “Reflections” Sven has decided to drop and this was the main reason for the svere delay on our own production and release plans. Main reasons for Sven were time issues but also missing passion on this style of music.

While we thank Sven for the many years of partnership, we do also say a BIG FUCKING WELCOME TO THE MACHINE Micheal!

Michael has already done the recordings for the new record in his studio and will also be joining us on stage!

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