Goran Panić (Guitars)


Birthday: 12th July

Hometown: Gütersloh, Germany / Cuprija, Serbia

Goran formed Assignment together with his friend Sven and has always been “The Man” behind Assignment. He is the only member that was always a part of the Line-Up and the reason why the Band still exists these days.His new found love during teenager days was not only a girlfriend but also the wonderful world of heavy-metal. This love ended in buying an instrument, in this case a guitar and started an endless musical journey. Apart from the complete range of Hard-Rock & Metal styles, he is also into Classic, Jazz & Filmscores which kinda reflects his songwriting and the evolution Assignment took from their first to the current recordings.



Birthday: tba

Hometown: Osnabrück, Germany

Heiko got replaced by Heiko!  After Heiko Maag left Assignment after 8 years and 3 albums it was a tough search. Heiko Spaarmann joins Assignment for the upcoming 4th release “Closing the Circle” Fans might know Heiko as the bass player of the German Progressive Band “Poverty´s No Crime”. Funny inside fact: Assignment have played a show together with Poverty´s no crime BEFORE Heiko joined them. More details comming soon!

Michael Kolar (Drums)


Birthday: 11th December

Hometown: Bielefeld, Germany


Michael raised Goran´s attention on a gig of Michael´s Band “Horsemen”. An excellent drummer, so it was no suprise that Michael became part of Victor Smolski´s “Almanac” playing also several tours. The possible appereance for Assignment turned out on Michael´s Birthday-Party. The original plan was to become our Live Drummer due to Sven´s time issues. After Sven finally dropped completely, Michael was the first person to ask, and thankfully, Michael accepted and did a fenomenal job on the upcoming record “Reflections”.

Gert Sprick (Keyboards)

GERT SPRICK – Keyboards

Birthday: 12th of August

Hometown: Gütersloh, Germany

Homepage: MYSPACE

Gert has joined the band in 2006 for live performances during the “Progressive Changes” campaign. With a classical backround enjoying piano lessons as a kid and teenager, Gert brought a new dimension in the Assignment sound and got full band member short before the “Disunion Denied” recordings in 2008.



Birthday: tba

Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Homepage: tba

Assignment goes Argentina!  Enjoying the status of the mational metal hero, Diego made his name with local heroes HELKER and most lately ELECTRO NOMICON. For the opcoming Assignment release Diego´s voice perfectly fits with main influences being Ronnie James Dio, Russel Allen or Jorn Lande. More information will follow soon…


MARIA JOSE LEDY POT – Vocals/Backing Vocals

Birthday: 01st January

Hometown: Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentinia

Homepage: N/A

Lovely Ledy was introduced to Goran by Diego when discussing a possible duet composition for the upcoming release “Closing the Circle”. After a quick test recording she was more than welcomed to join Assignment. Not only she did a wonderfull duet with Diego called “Variaxis”, she also did backing vocals. She has a wonderfull, warm but yet powerfull rock voice and we are shure that this will be just a beginnig for her way.


Sven Pollkötter (Drums)


Birthday: 11th December

Hometown: Herzebrock, Germany

Homepage: MYSPACE

Sven has founded the band together with Goran in the middle 90´s. After the “Progressive Changes” production in 2004 he left the band to join the Alternative Allstars and later on the Claus Grabke Bandwith three releases and several tours… At the very beginning of 2010, Sven returned to Assignment for recording “Inside of the Machine” followed by “Closing the Cirlce”.

Beside of Assignment, Sven is constantly on the road with classical ensambles and musicals. This, combined with loosing will for our kind of sound, Sven took a step back and informed Goran during the recordings for the upcoming record “Reflections” that he could´nt continue. This was one of the main reasons for the delay on the production for our 5th release “Reflections”.

Michael Bormann

MICHAEL BORMANN – Vocals (Nick, “Inisde of the Machine”)

Birthday: 24th April

Hometown: Duisburg, Germany

Homepage: Michael Bormann Page

Michael really doesnt need any introduction, being considered one of the best Hard Rock-Metal voices not only in Germany. During the years of his long carrear he gained world popularity as a member of Jadded Heart, with his solo records and lately he also became part of German PowerMetal band Angel Dust. Goran got in touch with Michael for the lead character of Nick for the “Inside of the Machine” record. The cooperation and the chemistry was perfect so it is more than certain that Michael will at one point be part of the Assignment crew again.

Carsten Kaiser

CARSTEN KAISER – Vocals (Machine, “Inisde of the Machine”)

Birthday: 01st January

Hometown: Bochum, Germany

Homepage: META4 Studios

Carsten and Goran crossed musical ways already ten years ago at the band “Elemental”. From that moment, it was just a matter of time and opportunity before they join forces again. “Inside of the Machine” and the part of the Machine character was perfect for Carsten. Beside of being an excellent singer, Carsten is also involved in production, mastering and mixing at Meta4 Studios.

Robin Beck

ROBIN BECK- Vocals (Mistress, “Inisde of the Machine”)

Birthday: 07th November

Hometown: New York City, USA

Homepage: ROBIN BECK official

Robin, the Queen of AOR and Hard-Rock. The female part for the Mistress character on “Inside of the Machine” could not be casted better than with the powerfull voice of this remarkable Lady, presenting a performance we maybe never heard from her before. With her #1 Hit “First Time” and the “Trouble for Nothing” record she achieved to live forever. Even 20 years and many records later, Robin is still there and apart from Assignment, she has just release her latest work, “Underneath”

Mats Levén © Savage Beauty - Tallee Savage

MATS LEVEN – Vocals (Preacher, “Inisde of the Machine”)

Birthday: 12.07

Hometown: Mölndal, Sweden

Homepage: MATS official

Another big name and great voice of the Metal scene. He entered the big scene as the vocalist of Yngwie Malmsteen´s “Facing the Animal” record and the following World-Tour. Krux, At Vance, Candlemass, Therion or Addagio are just a few Bands that were honoured having this great voice. Assignment have entered this list as Mats took over the Preacher character on “Inside of the Machine”



( “Progressive Changes” & “Disunioin Denied”)

Birthday: 12.07

Hometown: Bielefeld, Germany

Homepage: N/A

Even not being a part of the Assignment line-up since 2010, Markus deserves this notice as he was the voice of Assignment for over 6 years and recorded the albums “Progressive Changes” and “Disunion Denied” with the Band. At the moment, Markus is part of Germany´ s best Iron Maiden tribute Band called “Eddies Revenge”. Before Assignment, Markus was the frontmen of “GB Arts” and recorded the album “The Lake” following a European Tour together with Rage…

Heiko Maag (Bass)

HEIKO MAAG – Bass Guitar

Birthday: 27th January

Hometown: Wiedenbrück, Germany

Homepage: MYSPACE

Heiko got involved with Assignment shortly before the “Progressive Changes” recordings at which point the Band was searching for a bass player. Heiko´s main influence was Steve Harris and his style of strong and dynamic playing. Even not being with the Band from the very beginning, Heiko was taking care for the groove on all three Assignment recordings and is a loyal and constant force within the Band.

 Not forgotten are also the various guests & friends

that honured ASSIGNMENT during the past years & recordings:

Marco Ahrens (Poverty´s No Crime, Level Fields)
Bernie Versailles (Redemption, Fates Warning)
Carsten Prylucki (GB Arts)
Markus Knubbe (Avelon)
Hendrik Thiesbrummel (Kingdome Come, Stormwarrior, Die Krupps)