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Information about new record posted!!!

Posted on March 6th, by Goran Panic in Interviews, NEWS. Comments Off on Information about new record posted!!!

Goran provided some new information regarding the upcoming record “Closing the Circle” and announced the first official trailer/teaser to be released on #AssignmentTV (Band´s official YouTubeChannel) in April:


“The material is almost completely recorded by now while the final mix and mastering are scheduled for April/May… As Mausoleum Records​ have an option per contract we believe that a release in 2015 is realistic as the band keeps other options open as well.”


“We all are very excited, as every new release is for Assignment a (knd off) new beginning!  On the new record we have Diego Valdez oficial​ replacing Michael Bormann​ on vocals, we have with Heiko Sparmann from Poverty´s No Crime a new member responsible for the Bass…


“The Assignment tradition of having also female vocals involved will be continued as we introduce Ledy Pot, from Rosario, Argentina. She has a wonderful, powerful voice and we are sure you will all enjoy the Duet “Variaxis” she did together with Diego”


“For me personally, after the very epic melodic and symphonic “Inside of the Machine” conceptual record, the most important thing was to let Assignment sound different, while still having it from composition view remarkably Assignment like. Just another step that sometimes is more … Read More »

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Exclusive Interview & News from Goran

Posted on March 26th, by Goran Panic in Interviews, NEWS. Comments Off on Exclusive Interview & News from Goran

It has been quite in the last couple of weeks, the release promotion on “Inside of the Machine” has ended, so I looked after and met with Goran in order to see what´s going on…


Goran, first of all, do you have any Band-related news for us?


–  Well, I have spent the last four months writing new songs and at this very moment, I have enough good material and ideas for the next album. The songs have been passed on to the guys and Gert, Heiko & Sven are working on their parts, but is actually a process where everyone looks to get the best out of it, we communicate and discuss, re-arrange some parts here and there before we finish the pre-production and move to the recording process.


When do you expect to start the recordings?


–   There are some conceptual thoughts about the record that we I to finish first and some general decisions on questions about the vocal crew, production studio and mostly the time schedule of all involved persons needed for finishing the production. Once this has been done we will have all relevant information to announce a realistic date…


Can you already say anything about the new songs?


–   Well, after the last … Read More »

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Assignment Interview @ Rock Garage (germ)

Posted on December 18th, by Goran Panic in Interviews, Reviews. Comments Off on Assignment Interview @ Rock Garage (germ)

Hello everyone,

Feel free to read the Interview Goran gave for the German Zine Rock Garage:

“Die deutschen Prog Metaller ASSIGNMENT haben sich auf ihrem neuen Album nicht lumpen lassen und eine komplexe Hintergrundstory mit schwerem musikalischen Prog Metal verknüpft. Gesanglich setzte man auf verschiedene Gastsänger, welche der Platte zusätzlich noch Tiefe verliehen. Über das neue Album sowie die „neuen“ ASSIGNMENT sprach ich mit Mastermind Goran Panic….”

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Interview Goran Panic by Rockoverdose (Michael Spiggos)

Posted on November 30th, by Goran Panic in Interviews, NEWS. Comments Off on Interview Goran Panic by Rockoverdose (Michael Spiggos)

ASSIGNMENT on Rockoverdose:”΄Inside Of The Machine΄ is a story between fiction and reality, about the here and now and a possible dark future that this world is heading to” – Interview with Goran

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