Exclusive Interview with Diego Valdez

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Hello everyone,

We are happy to provide you with an exclisive interview with Diego Valdez about the new Assignment record “Closing the Circle” Enjoy!

Diego, first of all, thank you for the time! There may not be many people that didnt notice you in the world of heavy music, so just for these rare ones, please introduce yourself:


Hello everyone! My name is Diego Valdez lead singer of Helker and Electro Nomicon and Im from Argentina!

Tell us, what was your first thought when you were contacted by Assignment?

I was very intrigued about the band and their music and I thought that could be a great chance for me to explore and expand my musical horizons.

Are you familiar with the previous release “Inside of the Machine” and if yes, what do you think about it?

Well, I was not familiar with the music at first, then I listened the album and I found great songs and singers.

The production for the follow up “Closing the Circle” is completed. Are you satisfied with the results and what can you tell us about the music?

I think this album its great, plenty of good and creative music! You will find many styles of metal wisely intertwined.I think that the fans of the band will love it!

Please tell us something about the experience you made during the recordings for Assignment and working with Goran?

Goran its a great guy, I consider him a friend by now, it was a pleasure to work with him and the guys, they allowed me to do all that I wanted regarding vocal lines and arrangements with minimal changes, I really appreciate their confidence in me, it was a great experience.

And the last question: What are your musical idols and what music/bands are you listening right now?

I have many! But I think that the ones who lead my list are Mr. R J Dio, The Beatles, Mr Freddie Mercury and Mr Bruce Dickinson, but they are the firsts in a long list, regarding the music that Im listening…honestly Im writing, recording and touring almost all the time! So Im not hearing music like I did before, anyway, in my phone you can find Accept ( I LOVE Accept) some Beatles, some Ghost and some A.C.T.

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