“Mercyful Angel” Lyric Video released!!!

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We are proud to announce the first single “Mercyful Angel” from our upcoming record “Reflections”

The Song is also available for streaming through Spotify

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“Reflections” Release Date & Pre Order Links

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Assignment’s new album “Reflections” will be released on August 21, 2020 via MASSACRE RECORDS!You can already pre-order the album here »

The Album will be released as a Deluxe DigiPack. The cover artwork was created by Didier Scohier. Pascal Thüring took care of the mixing and mastering at Klanglounge.

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Ines Vera Ortiz with appearance on upcoming “Reflections”

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Ines Vera Ortiz guest appereance on “Reflections”

On our upcoming release “Reflections”, we are proud to present you the amazing Ines Vera Ortiz. She´s entering team Machine for a wonderfull duet with Diego Valdez on the track “Endlessly”

As Diego, she is originally from the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires, moved to Alicante in Spain, They both became part of the “Rhapsondy of Queen” show, touring together through Spain. Ines is also involved as Singer & Songwriter with “Black Oceans” and “Inner” Stream.

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Artwork for new record “Reflections”

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Artwork “Reflections”

The Band has revealed the Cover Artwork for the upcoming record “Reflections” With this release the Band returns to the Belgian artist Didier Scohier (Artcore) who already did the amazing Arwork for “Inside of the Machine” back in 2013.

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Assignment reveal Tracklist for “Reflections”

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“Finally, Finally, Finally!!!

Folks, what can we say… The production period had several unpleasent situations that required actions. But mostly, the actions, due to its nature were not to be solved from one day to another.

But here we are, one step before finalizing. While the Band is currently looking for a studio for the final mix & master, we have received the official tracklost for “Reflections”


1. Trilogia Balkanica (03:41)
2. Mercyful Angel (04:42)
3. Obsession (06:01)
4. The Corporate Men (05:56)
5. Reflections (05:02)
6. Unknown Hero (07:19)
7. Submission (05:35)
8. Timeline (05:30)
9. Silent Nation (08:19)
10. Endlessly (06:38)

GERT SPRICK – Keyboards

Featuring additional female vocals by MARIA LEDI JOSE POT and additional lead guitars by MARCO AHRENS

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Marco Ahrens with Guest Appearance on “Reflections”

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Dear Machine fans,

MARCO AHRENS, the lead guitarist of Poverty´s No Crime and Level Fields will have a Guest appearance on our upcoming record “REFLECTIONS”!

He contributed two amazingly shredded lead guitars for the songs “Mercyful Angel” and “Silent Nation”. Thanks for the great support BROTHER!

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MIchael Kolar joins Assignment!

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Dear folks,

Assignment are proud to announce that Michael Kolar (Horseman, ex-Almanac) has taken over the Drums!

During the production of the upcoming record “Reflections” Sven has decided to drop and this was the main reason for the svere delay on our own production and release plans. Main reasons for Sven were time issues but also missing passion on this style of music.

While we thank Sven for the many years of partnership, we do also say a BIG FUCKING WELCOME TO THE MACHINE Micheal!

Michael has already done the recordings for the new record in his studio and will also be joining us on stage!

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Massacre Records streaming FULL “Closing The CIrcle”

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Dear folks,

Massacre Records is currently streaming “Closing The Circle” in its ENTIRE beauty on their official YouTube Channel \m/

You can also follow the stream here:


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Massacre Records & AssignmentTV release video for “Evolution”

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Hello everyone,


Massacre Records & AssignmentTV  (our official YouTube Channel) released a video for “Evolution”


“Evolution” is the opening track of our upcoming record “Closing the Circle” to be released 22 July, 2016 via Masscre Records / Soulfood and is also available through the webshop on this site \m/  \m/



If you have missed the first single from the upcoming record, “Genetic Slavery” is still online:


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PRE-Order for “Closing the Circle” started !!!

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The PRE_Order for  “Closing the Circle” has started.  Apart from our official webpage, feel free to use one of  the following:



• iTunes – (Instant Grat Track: “Genetic Slavery”)
• Amazon (MP3) –
• Google Play Music –


• The Metal Merchant Mailorder (free shipping) –
• MetalMailorder (ebay – free shipping) –
• Assignment Shop –
• Amazon (CD) – (Import)
• EMP – Germany: • International:
• Nuclear Blast Online Shop –
• –
• –
• –
• –
• Media Markt –

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First “Closing the Circle” Reviews!!!

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Dear followers of the Machine \m/


As the release date for our new record “Closing the Circle” (via Massacre Records / Soulfood Distribution) is getting closer, first reviews in different lanaguages get posted! We will keep this news updated with new reviews once published)


Here an overview:



… “What hasn’t changed for Assignment is their exploration of melodic and progressive power metal. Yet this is not overly complex stuff. The usual suspects occur with tempo and time signature changes, and particular instruments offering representative solo parts. The band’s goal is not to confuse you or leave you perplexed, but to demonstrate some creativity and entertain. The glue that holds everything together is Assignment’s inherent commitment to melody and groove which allows the arrangements to be both intriguing and accessible”…



… “Das was man jetzt hört, kann sich echt sehen lassen. Ein volles Gitarrenriff begleitet hier das treibende Schlagzeug. So kommt recht schnell Fahrt in den Song. Die Stimme, die dann einsetzt hört sich kräftig, tief und spannend an bevor dann ein hoher Schrei einsetzt. Alle Achtung Herr Valdez, so ein Gesang macht Eindruck. Über den gesamten Song gibt es eine ansteigende Spannungskurve, und somit … Read More »

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“Closing the Circle” to be released 22 JULY 2016 !!!!

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Assignment NEWS –

New album “Closing the Circle” to be release on the 22nd July 2016 through Massacre Records !!!

Thanks to Massacre for believing!!! Welcome to the Machine!!!

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Assignment sign with Massacre Records!!!

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Assignment have signed with Massacre records!!!

New album “Closing the Circle” to be release on the 22nd July 2016 through Massacre Records !!! Thanks to Massacre for believing!!!

Welcome to the Machine!!!


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Teaser / Making of for new record “Closing the Circle”

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We are pleased to announce that a first “Closing the Circle” Teaser / Making of has been uploaded by the Band on the official Youtube Channel AssignmentTV
Below you will find the previous teaser and introduction of new Assignment vocalist, Diego Valdez on the song “Crimson Poison” which will be included on the new release!
Let the Metal flow… The Machine

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Exclusive Interview with Diego Valdez

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Hello everyone,

We are happy to provide you with an exclisive interview with Diego Valdez about the new Assignment record “Closing the Circle” Enjoy!

Diego, first of all, thank you for the time! There may not be many people that didnt notice you in the world of heavy music, so just for these rare ones, please introduce yourself:


Hello everyone! My name is Diego Valdez lead singer of Helker and Electro Nomicon and Im from Argentina!

Tell us, what was your first thought when you were contacted by Assignment?

I was very intrigued about the band and their music and I thought that could be a great chance for me to explore and expand my musical horizons.

Are you familiar with the previous release “Inside of the Machine” and if yes, what do you think about it?

Well, I was not familiar with the music at first, then I listened the album and I found great songs and singers.

The production for the follow up “Closing the Circle” is completed. Are you satisfied with the results and what can you tell us about the music?

I think this album its great, plenty of good and creative music! You will find many styles of metal wisely intertwined.I think that the … Read More »

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Heiko Spaarmann (PNC) joins Assignment !!!

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Heiko Spaarmann joins Assignment!!!

The line up for the upcoming Assignment record “Closing the Circle” has been completed! Heiko replaced Heiko!  Heiko Sparmann, also known as bassist for the peogressive band Poverty´s No Crime has joined our force!  He has already recorded 90% of his parts. Heiko, welcome to the Machine!

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Information about new record posted!!!

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Goran provided some new information regarding the upcoming record “Closing the Circle” and announced the first official trailer/teaser to be released on #AssignmentTV (Band´s official YouTubeChannel) in April:


“The material is almost completely recorded by now while the final mix and mastering are scheduled for April/May… As Mausoleum Records​ have an option per contract we believe that a release in 2015 is realistic as the band keeps other options open as well.”


“We all are very excited, as every new release is for Assignment a (knd off) new beginning!  On the new record we have Diego Valdez oficial​ replacing Michael Bormann​ on vocals, we have with Heiko Sparmann from Poverty´s No Crime a new member responsible for the Bass…


“The Assignment tradition of having also female vocals involved will be continued as we introduce Ledy Pot, from Rosario, Argentina. She has a wonderful, powerful voice and we are sure you will all enjoy the Duet “Variaxis” she did together with Diego”


“For me personally, after the very epic melodic and symphonic “Inside of the Machine” conceptual record, the most important thing was to let Assignment sound different, while still having it from composition view remarkably Assignment like. Just another step that sometimes is more … Read More »

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ASSIGNMENT are searching for a new Bassist

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ASSIGNMENT are searching for a new Bassist to record the upcoming record “Closing the Circle”

Here are the basic requirements:

– You should have a home studio / quality equipment to record
– Experience / Skills with Rock, Metal & Progressive Music
– English and/or German language required

If you are motivated and interested please contact the Band through their Homepage / COntact us option or the Facebook page for further details!

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Breaking News – DIego Valdez & Assignment

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Septemer 23, 2014  ASSIGNMENT are pround to announce that
DIEGO VALDEZ is taking over the vocals for the upcoming
release “Closing the Circle” (working title).

Diego might be known to fans from his excellent work with the
Argentinian Metal Heros HELKER and other projects


Diego´ s voice reminds of the immortal Ronnie James Dio and
Jorn Lande. The recording sessions have been sheudled for the
next three months followed by mixing and mastering and a
potencial release during summer of 2015.

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Assignment announce New Single & Video in September

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Hello everyone,


We have just received the Big News – ASSIGNMENT will release  a SINGLE for the first time and the Digital Release is planned for late SEPTEMBER.


The Song is called “Crimson Poison” and will incl. Michael Bormann on vocals. The Band is currently recording the Basic Tracks and once this has been completed, they will move to the Mix/Master process.


For the first time ever, ASSIGNMENT will also shoot a MusicVideo for the Song! The Location has already been chosen and the Recording-Crew completed.


At this moment it is not certain if this track will be also included on the upcoming record, working title “Closing the Circle”


– Webmaster


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Exclusive Interview & News from Goran

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It has been quite in the last couple of weeks, the release promotion on “Inside of the Machine” has ended, so I looked after and met with Goran in order to see what´s going on…


Goran, first of all, do you have any Band-related news for us?


–  Well, I have spent the last four months writing new songs and at this very moment, I have enough good material and ideas for the next album. The songs have been passed on to the guys and Gert, Heiko & Sven are working on their parts, but is actually a process where everyone looks to get the best out of it, we communicate and discuss, re-arrange some parts here and there before we finish the pre-production and move to the recording process.


When do you expect to start the recordings?


–   There are some conceptual thoughts about the record that we I to finish first and some general decisions on questions about the vocal crew, production studio and mostly the time schedule of all involved persons needed for finishing the production. Once this has been done we will have all relevant information to announce a realistic date…


Can you already say anything about the new songs?


–   Well, after the last … Read More »

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Press Release: ASSIGNMENT – “Eternal Silence” FREE Streaming

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Dear Machine fans,

We are proud to announce another Song of the current “Inside of the Machine” Album being available for FREE Streaming through our official YouTube Channel “AssignmentTV”

This Song includes Mats Leven, Michael Bormann & Robin Beck on vocals, ENJOY!!!


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Hard,Harder,Heavy review on “Inside of the Machine” 6/7 Points

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Good morning,

We have just received another nice review from the Hard,Harder, Heavy webzine (German)!

Fazit: …Wer sich die Zeit nimmt und INSIDE OF THE MACHINE als das nimmt, was es ist – ein komplexes Konzeptalbum mit deutlichen Anleihen bei Ayreon, Queensryche und frühe Pain Of Salvation – der wird mit bester Unterhaltung belohnt…

You can read the full review HERE

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Heavy Paradise´ s 2013 Melodic Awards TOP 20

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Heavy Paradise announced their annual Melodic Awards for the TOP 20 Albums of the year:


Feel also free to check the remaining categories, thanks for voting and let the Metal flow…

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Home Sweet Home

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Hello everyone,

As you can see, the re-designed Assignment website is finally ready and back online. We hope you will enjoy it!

The Band would like to thank Richard Cook from Systems32 for his support and excellent work.

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Assignment Interview @ Rock Garage (germ)

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Hello everyone,

Feel free to read the Interview Goran gave for the German Zine Rock Garage:

“Die deutschen Prog Metaller ASSIGNMENT haben sich auf ihrem neuen Album nicht lumpen lassen und eine komplexe Hintergrundstory mit schwerem musikalischen Prog Metal verknüpft. Gesanglich setzte man auf verschiedene Gastsänger, welche der Platte zusätzlich noch Tiefe verliehen. Über das neue Album sowie die „neuen“ ASSIGNMENT sprach ich mit Mastermind Goran Panic….”

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Interview Goran Panic by Rockoverdose (Michael Spiggos)

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ASSIGNMENT on Rockoverdose:”΄Inside Of The Machine΄ is a story between fiction and reality, about the here and now and a possible dark future that this world is heading to” – Interview with Goran

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Rock Hard Germany, Novembar 2013 – Review “Inside of the Machine”

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Assignment “Inside of the Machine” Review ROCK HARD Germany Printmag, #November 2013 issue by Wolfgang Rüper…

7,5 / 10 Points and a clear recommendation for Fans of Symphony-X & Ayreon…



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Metalunderground Austria – Assignment Review – 5/5 !!!

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Metalunderground Austria – Assignment “Inside of the Machine” Review – 5/5 !!! …Ein sogenanntes Zeitloses Meisterwerk, welches in jede Ära passt….

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Assignment – Internet Radio Special. Tuesday, November 26, 7:30pm in UTC

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Assignment –  Internet Radio Special. Tuesday, November 26, 7:30pm in UTC

Listen to the full new album “Inside of the Machine, and chat with the band on VBNAVRADIO!!!

All the usual with the boys on Skype and in the chat. Listen to vbnavradio on the night and anytime… The Full Deal with Chat on PC On Iphone or PC

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